As a driver, it's ideal if you're able to find a trusted auto shop that you can turn to for brake repairs and replacements. Knowing that you'll get top-notch service at a reasonable price is a comforting feeling for any driver. And, while you'll know exactly where to go when you experience issues with your vehicle's brakes, you can also take a number of preventative measures to reduce the frequency with which you need your brakes examined by a professional. The way that you drive is integral in either wearing out your brakes quickly or extending their life. Here are three ways you can achieve the latter.

Be Prepared For Changing Conditions

Being prepared for changing conditions either related to the road, the weather or other drivers starts with getting into the habit of looking well beyond your hood while you drive. By keeping your gaze focused well in front of you, you'll have advanced warning if a light is set to turn red or another motorist has applied the brakes. This advanced warning means that you'll be able to gradually slow your speed by coasting before you apply the brakes. This extra moment of coasting, in the big picture, will prevent significant brake wear and help your pads and rotors last longer.

Steer Clear Of Heavy Traffic

If you drive frequently, you'll get to know which roads typically have the heaviest traffic in your city. Although you might not always be able to steer clear of these roads, finding different ways to reach your destination can help your brake life. Heavy-traffic roads often result in frequent application of your brakes – either because of stop-and-go traffic or reacting to driving behind a motorist with a habit of tapping his or her brake pedal. If you're able to find a route with less traffic, you'll be applying your brakes less and, as such, the components will last longer.

Scout Your Route In Advance

Taking a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the route you'll be driving can help you avoid surprises that lead to unnecessary braking. For example, by checking your GPS app before you leave the house, you could learn that there's a section of the road with a sharp curve. Instead of driving into the curve, realizing you're going too quickly and slamming on your brakes, you can gradually decrease your speed ahead of time and save unnecessary wear on your brakes. Contact a business, such as Express Oil Change, for more information.