When it comes to automobiles, the transmission is one of the most important parts and without a transmission in good repair your car will not operate properly. Luckily, transmissions rarely fail out of nowhere-- there are typically warning several signs that the transmission needs to be fixed. Pay attention to these warning signs, as getting a transmission problem repaired quickly can save you from the high expenses of having to replace your transmission. Some common signs of a transmission problem include: 

Difficulty Shifting Gears

If you drive your car often, you will most likely notice when it starts having issues shifting properly. Instead of shifting gears smoothly like it is supposed to, a vehicle with transmission problems may buckle or shake when going from park to either drive or reverse. 

Slipping Gears While Driving

When your transmission slips gears while driving it can be a scary experience. You'll most likely notice that it feels like your car is in a different gear despite the fact that you did not switch gears; you may also notice a whining or squealing sound coming from under your engine. Driving a vehicle that is slipping gears while in motion can be dangerous as it may not be able to accelerate properly. Don't ignore a slipping transmission-- it is important to have this problem repaired by a mechanic as quickly as possible both for your safety and to prevent total transmission failure.

The Vehicle Does Not Engage

In addition to shifting gears, the transmission is also responsible for transmitting power to the drive train. If your transmission is not working properly, there may be a few moments after shifting a gear where your car will not engage despite the fact that you are pushing the gas pedal. You will probably hear the engine rev, but the car will not move.

Leaking Transmission Fluids

Transmissions are designed to be completely closed units, so fluid should not escape. If the transmission is leaking fluid, there is most likely a crack or some other problem that needs to be fixed. Ignoring a leak can result in very low transmission fluid problems which can severely damage the part. Transmission fluid is typically red in color and has a thick consistency. If you notice that your car is leaking some type of fluid, place a piece of cardboard underneath it to help make it easier to see what color the fluid is. A leaking transmission should be repaired promptly. Contact local repair professionals, such as those from Shiftright Transmissions, for further assistance.