Traveling around the country in your RV provides quite the adventure. When you break down in the middle of nowhere, however, you can feel at a loss as to what you should do. You need to make sure you get your RV safely off the road so other motorists can avoid your large vehicle as well as make sure you have access to a safe location for you and your family. When you break down on the road in your RV, here are the things you can do to remain safe and get your RV taken care of as soon as possible.

Create a sight barrier around your RV

Once you have determined that everyone in your family is safe, get your RV off the road as much as you can and place a barrier around it to allow other motorists to see your stalled vehicle from a safe distance. Do this by turning on your hazard lights and placing burning flashlights on the hood or bumper of your RV. Even in daylight, this kind of precaution allows other people on the road to see that you are stalled and lets them know that your RV is in trouble.

Call for heavy duty towing

There are a few ways you can call for a tow truck that is capable of hauling your large vehicle to a repair shop. If you have a smart phone, you can look up heavy duty towing companies near your current location. Your phone's GPS capabilities will be able to pick up a signal of your whereabouts to recommend the best towing companies for your needs.

You can also call your auto insurance company and let them know the condition of your RV. Your auto insurance agent can call a heavy duty towing company for you or recommend one that is nearby. You want to let your auto insurance company know what you think happened to your RV and how many people you have with you (include your pets as well, if you have animals traveling with you) so you can have a tow truck sent to your location that can fit everyone in it.

Breaking down in your RV when traveling can seem like a large deal, but if you know what to do you can keep everyone safe while getting your RV to a repair company at the same time. Use these tips to get a great heavy duty towing company after moving your RV to a safe location so you can get the assistance you need. Contact a company, such as Parkway Wrecker Service, for more information.