Many people will agree that it's a joy to drive a new car. Relatively new cars don't have foul smelling interiors, make funny sounds, belch noxious smoke, or experience constant breakdowns; those are the problems of old cars. Unfortunately, buying a car every time the current ones starts to age isn't always feasible due to tight finances. 

Update the Cockpit

The dashboard, steering wheel, front seats, and gear selector or stick are some of the items that bear the brunt of everyday driving. Therefore, sprucing up these things will go a long way in making your car appear new. Here are some of the upgrades you can make here:

  • Buy a new cover for the steering wheels to cover up the pits.
  • Get a new dashboard cover.
  • Repaint or dye the faded dashboard pad.
  • Replace the front seats.

Update the Electronics

You can tell the age of a car by the nature of the electronics it has. The entertainment unit, for example, may look different even in car models released a couple of years apart. The good news is that most of these electronics are available both from original and aftermarket manufacturers.

Some of the newer electronics you should consider investing in include:

  • Touch screen video displays
  • Voice-controlled entertainment units
  • Electronic GPS navigation systems

In fact, there are many car electronics on the market; you will only be limited by the amount of money you can spend on them.

Spruce Up the Paint

When it comes to the interior, you need to make sure the paint isn't faded or scratched. A DIY touch-up may be satisfactory if you just want to cover a few minor scratches and stone chips. However, it's best to hire the professionals if you wish to cover a major area or touch up the whole car.

If you decide to go the DIY route, ensure you get the exact paint for your car; otherwise you will be degrading instead of improving it. The best way to do it is to use your car's paint code when ordering the paint. The code is found in the owner's manual or inside the door jamb; there is both exterior and interior paint, so don't mix them up.

Service the Car

Lastly, you need to schedule a major service for your car, if you haven't been doing so regularly. Many of the frequent breakdowns experienced by old cars are due to owners skipping services; just because your car seems okay doesn't mean it doesn't require service. Servicing your car increases its reliability since it helps you to identify and fix little problems before they become bigger problems.

On top of all these measures, you need to wash and detail your car regularly. The quick and superficial cleanings people often give their cars aren't enough. This will get rid of the dirt and stains, such as food stains, and leave your car feeling and smelling nice and clean. Contact a company like Foster's Auto Service Inc for more information.