Your vehicle requires regular maintenance in order to continue running smoothly, which includes changing the oil on a routine basis. Here are some reasons why your oil needs to be changed so you understand the importance.

Oil Helps to Keep Engine Parts Healthy

The first reason you need to change your vehicle's oil on a regular basis is because of how important engine oil is. Oil is there for many purposes, but one of the main benefits is that it helps the moving parts of the mechanical system run smoothly. Oil helps to lubricate these different parts underneath the hood, which is going to help them run properly and not overheat. It can also reduce friction between the moving parts, which is especially important if you drive your car frequently.

You will also be able to avoid scratching of the parts that fit together tightly by having good quality oil. The oil also keeps heat away from the combustion chamber, which helps to keep the car cool overall. This is why when your car overheats, oil is one of the first things you need to check. However, just filling it isn't enough; it needs to be clean as well.

It Gets Rid of Buildup and Particles in the Oil

The main purpose of changing the oil periodically instead of just re-filling it is that you need to keep it clean by removing the little particles and debris that get stuck inside. Every time the oil lubricates the moving parts, the heat from those parts can break down the oil. Over time, it can cause the consistency of the oil to either become more watery or thicker. In either case, it starts to not work as effectively when this occurs. Dirty oil is not as effective, which causes issues with the moving parts, and can cause your car to overheat as a result. Without changing it with clean oil, the parts can get worn out prematurely, requiring more repairs in general.

Signs That You Need to Change the Oil

Now that you know why the oil should be changed, you should also be aware of when to tell when it is time to change it. If you're checking the oil regularly, you should notice little things that change in its appearance, consistency, and smell. For example, if you notice that the oil has turned a darker brown or black color, it might be time to change it. Old and dirty oil might visibly show little particles inside it, look thicker like sludge, or start to have a foul smell. The check engine light might also go on when it is time to change the oil.

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