You might think that your training as a truck driver will prepare you for your new job driving dump trucks. Unfortunately, that's not necessarily correct. There are a lot of safety concerns to take into consideration when dumping your trailer load from a dump truck. Before you dump the load, you need to make sure you're in a safe location. Here are three tips to help you avoid an emergency situation when dumping your load.

Know When to Say No

When it comes to your safety – and the safety of others – you need to know when to say no to. This is particularly important when preparing to make your deliveries. Your customer might know exactly where they want the load to be dumped at. Unfortunately, the locations they choose aren't always safe. Things like potholes and uneven ground can make it dangerous to dump at certain locations. If your customers demand that you dump in an area that's unsafe, don't be afraid to notify your employer or job foreman.

Keep the Load Stable

You never know when something is going to cause your load to destabilize. Whether it's an incline that you didn't notice, or the ground giving way under the truck, when destabilization occurs, an accident might not be far behind. This is particularly true if the destabilization has caused your load to shift. If your trailer is part way up when the load shift occurs, continue slowly with the drop. Trying to lower the trailer once the load shifts could result in a tip-over. Once the load has been dumped, you can safely lower your trailer.

Stop Mid-Way

You don't need to raise the trailer to full extension in order to dump your load. In fact, for safety purposes, you should stop mid-way. By raising the trailer to mid-way, you're allowing gravity to empty the trailer for you. You're also protecting your truck's center of gravity, which will prevent a tip-over. This is important to remember, especially if you have to unload your trailer on an incline. The incline can cause the load to shift forward too quickly if you lift your trailer to full extension.

Now that you're going to be driving a dump truck, you want to make sure you stay safe while on the job. You also want to protect those around you. Use the tips provided here to prevent accidents while you're operating your dump truck. For more information, contact a trailer company like Jet Company.