If you're going to be traveling several hundred miles to explore and visit places on a summer vacation road trip, you likely have a huge list of things to prep for prior to your departure. After you've figured out what clothes you're going to pack and some of the places you're going to be stopping off at along the way, it's now time to focus on your vehicle. Proper maintenance is essential before you leave, but it's good to make sure you have a backup plan should things go wrong along the way. Here are some things to consider when prepping your vehicle for your next road trip.  

Prevent Tire Blow Outs

Your tires are very important when it comes to how well your vehicle handles on the road. A new set of tires will help reduce the risk of getting a flat. Make sure your tires are balanced, rotated, and properly inflated prior to leaving on a road trip. An alignment is also necessary if you've recently had any tires replaced or repaired. Balanced tires resist hydroplaning and can make it easier to control your vehicle if you happen to drive through a heavy rainstorm. If a tire should blow out, call a service like Mark's Towing, Inc. for help. They will help you replace a flat tire or tow your vehicle to a tire shop that will replace a bad tire.

Get an Engine Inspection

Visiting your local automotive center for a complete engine inspection is important before you leave to drive a long distance with your car or truck. Some important under-the-hood services to have include the following:

  • transmission inspection and flush
  • power steering flush
  • coolant and radiator servicing
  • fuel injection cleaning
  • oil change
  • throttle plate cleaning
  • air filter change
  • belt inspection

Having a multi-point inspection of your vehicle done will help detect underlying issues that can be repaired before your trip. If you notice any strange sounds under the engine or if you experience a breakdown roadside, again, call a reputable towing company to safely transport your car to a service station.

Call Your Local Towing Company in Advance

If you have a local towing company that you trust and have used in the past, contact them before you go on your summer road trip. They may network with other towing companies in the area you'll be traveling through. Should you break down or need assistance while on vacation, they may refer you to a towing company or service station in the area that is reputable and affordable.

Check Your Vehicle's Brakes before Departing 

If you're pulling a trailer or hauling a heavier load than usual, you're likely putting added strain on your vehicle's braking system. Consider having your entire brake system serviced by the pros before you leave for vacation. This may include a complete inspection of your vehicle's brake components, including

  • pads,
  • discs,
  • shoes, and
  • lines.

Having the entire brake system looked at to ensure that it's functioning properly will make your vehicle less prone to malfunctioning while you're traveling.

Making sure that you have a tow company on your speed dial and your vehicle in tip-top shape prior to venturing out on a road trip saves time, money, and the hassle of a complicated breakdown.