Semi-truck maintenance isn't just about keeping your truck in better condition, it's also about keeping you safe on the road. Performing preventative maintenance to your semi-truck can help minimize the risk of an accident or any other collision mishap. Make sure you keep maintenance a priority to stay safe while on the road. Here are some tips to get you started.

Tandem Alignments

How many times have you passed another driver on the road, pulled over because of a tire issue? Taking out the time to have your wheels aligned periodically is the best way to avoid this type of scenario. A number of these incidents occur because the tandem axles aren't in alignment.

When driving your truck, there has to be the perfect amount of balance between the turning force of the tandem and the front wheels. If this force is not aligned correctly, it can cause the tires to scrub, which can cause them to fail and even cause you to lose control of the truck.

Suspension Inspections

Given the number of miles the average truck travels, the suspension system will withstand a great deal of wear and tear. This wear often surfaces in the form of changes to the air-ride suspension level. If the air-ride suspension level is either too high or too low, this can cause serious concerns. In terms of being too high, this can cause the truck to sit too high, which can pose a safety hazard when passing under an overpass.

In terms of the level being lower, this can cause the truck to rest too low. This won't just cause damage to the suspension system bumpers, but it can also cause damage to the truck. As part of your regular maintenance routine, have the suspension inspected to ensure there aren't any discrepancies.  

Brake Repairs

Don't make the mistake of only having your brakes repaired when it's time to have your brake pads adjusted. It's important to have maintenance performed to your truck's braking system more often than this. You can start with lubrication. In order to preserve the condition of your brakes and to protect their braking power, it's important to keep the S cams and the slack adjusters lubricated.

Taking your truck into a professional periodically to ensure these areas are lubricated is important. An inspection of the hoses, lining and pressure gauge in the braking system is also important.

As a professional driver, work responsibilities can often be overwhelming; however, it's always important to set aside time to have your truck professionally serviced. Contact a semi truck repair service for more help.