Traveling the country in an RV offers a great way to see all the beautiful sites in each state, but having just an RV brings with it a few challenges. To get the most out of your RV vacation, you may want to consider renting a trailer for your car or truck. Here are just a few of the many benefits of bringing your car with you on your next trip.

Setting Up Camp

If you will be renting space in an RV park, having your car with you can make the whole process easier. You won't have to load everything back onto your RV every time you want to travel to town for dinner or sightseeing, and it lets you set up your campsite for maximum comfort. Park your RV, set up an awning and put out your picnic table and chairs for the duration of your stay, and rely on your car or truck to do local sightseeing.

Flexibility When Driving To Local Shops And Stores

Your RV may be too tall to drive through some locations, such as drive-up windows at fast food restaurants, and it may be too large to park in local grocery store parking lots. You may also find that city streets are difficult to navigate in an RV, which can make having a car with you a convenient option. When you have your personal vehicle and your RV with you, it's easy to travel to any destination you desire. You get greater flexibility while traveling, and you still get the benefit of having your RV on the road with you.

Access To Scenic Locations

Some roads in national parks and other scenic locations prohibit the use of RVs, and others have restrictions about the size and length of the vehicles that are permitted on the roads. One example of this would be the Sequoia National Park in California, which has several restrictions about driving RVs and longer vehicles. In order to get complete access to everything you want to see, having your car or truck with you on your trip is essential. Be sure to check the website for any tourist locations you plan to visit so you know whether to drive your vehicle or your RV when visiting.

Talk to your car trailer rental company to see which type of trailer or car hauler is best for your vehicle and your RV. Make arrangements to rent the trailer, such as from Route 12 Rental Co Inc., before you plan to hit the road so you have time to set everything up and secure your car for your trip. Once your car or truck is on the trailer, you are ready to set off on a whirlwind road trip.